Monday, September 23, 2013

About This Blog

This blog is about different aspects of a typical, young woman's life. Fashion, hair, and makeup, but also college, work, and relationships are important. Some people focus on more than others, however, this blog focuses on all of them. I developed an interest in this topic because all of these ideas are important to me. The clothes I wear and how I do my makeup and hair defines who I am. My education and my occupation displays who I aspire to be. I have a unique perspective on these five aspects of life, because they have a symbolic meaning in my eyes.

It is an old concept that one cares about either their physical appearance or education. However, the age-old “nerd” theme has been abolished. Sure some “nerds” may not have a very "good" sense of style, but not everyone. I consider myself a nerd, however others may not. This is because do not look like the typical brainiac. However, I love school and studying. I desire to go to graduate school for social work and law school after I finish my undergraduate career. I am a nerd but I have my own fashion sense.

I also want people to know that it is all about being themselves. It does not take a great amount of money to look (and feel) good. Then, what may look good to one person may not look good to someone else. Wear the clothes that you want to; style your hair how you want to; pursue the career that you love. All of these aspects of life are individually modified according to each person.

The purpose of this blog is not only to give people an insight of what is important to me, but also help them understand what is important to them.