Monday, October 14, 2013

Transformation Tuesday: Hair Edition

For those who know me, they know that I love doing my hair. I love trying different styles, lengths, colors, etc. I look back at certain hairstyles that I've had and I sometimes cringe at the those that went wrong. However, how will you ever know what looks good on you without trying it first? I typically do sew-in weaves, but I recently learned how to make wigs. I love changing my hair because it creates different looks. When my hair is the same for a certain period of time, I get bored. I like to spice things up, from big curls to long braids to blonde tips. 
Versatility is my motto when thinking of a hairstyle. I rarely repeat hairstyles, unless I really loved them.

I've recently cut and dyed my natural hair and I love it, but I think that I've had my hair like this long enough. I'm ready for a change, again. I love Rihanna's current hairstyle, and I would like to try it on myself. If I did go for this look, it would probably be the edgiest hairstyle I've tried. If I don't like it I could just do something else to it, it's only hair. I would also like to try Ombre hair. I think that I make a statement by changing my hair frequently. I feel like it says "I am not afraid to take risks." It is impossible to be different from everyone in the world, but you can definitely try. Don't be afraid to transform your look, you're bound to find something you like.

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